Circuito das Araucárias - Circuito das Araucárias

Circuito das Araucárias - Cicloturismo e Trekking

Rotas das Cachoeiras - Corupá

This track is flatter, followed by the accompaniment of the river, which forms several rapids and waterfalls along the way. The houses with the gardens are very beautiful.

Be aware of the signs and the worksheet in this section, because there are many bifurcations. On the way we have an optional, a visit to the Seminary of Corupá, which is a little more than a kilometer away.

It's worth the detour, for the architecture and scenery. Built in 1929 and still active, the building of the Seminary is imposing, with gardens and a place of privileged view (curiosity: here were filmed some movies and love series of TV). In here there is a museum of taxidermized animals.

Abount one kilometer of the spreadsheet we have the Orquidário Catarinense Alvim Seidel, opened more than 100 years, always belonging to the same family. We will see many ornamental greenhouses along the way.

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Discante: 15,4 km
Altimetric Profile: 170 m
Body Workout: 0,8
Technical Workout: 2

O que visitar ao longo do caminho...

Circuito das Araucárias - Cicloturismo
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